Friday, 29 August 2014

Track meet Saturday 30th August. 2pm.

Track meet Saturday 30th August. 2pm.
This event is tomorrow. It's on the track at Lakers School. Five Acres, Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 7Q. Starting at 2pm.
You don't have to do all 3 events. Just come along and get a time for one or two of the events if you like. If you want points to count towards the Club Championship then you need to do all 3 events. We will have tea and coffee available. Why not bring a snack/lunch for after.
Andy has a couple of 'fun' events lined up too. If this in any way puts you off coming .... don't worry we'll all simply gang up on him and throw him in the steeple chase water jump. 
If the scrutiny of a short distance event fazes you, and you think you're going to show yourself up and forever be labelled a long distance jogger ... then join the club!
We are willing of course to class any member turning up as NC and not publish your times for all to see. You can just run with everyone else but have no time recorded
Have been to suss the track today. Looks in pretty good condition and is well marked. It is a 'cinders' track though - so expect a bit of wheel spin when starting off.
As its 440 yds not 400m the mile will simply be 4 laps.
100m is already marked out.
For 400m I think it best if we use the mile start and everyone run in the inner lane. Main reason being that there is 'vegetation' in the outer 2 lanes, but also because it's easier to ensure everyone keeps in 'their' lanes -  that's the one inner one only then. We also need to reduce the lap by 2.33 metres so will need to measure and mark a starting spot different to the current one. The caretaker said this would be OK.

Time keeping and recording has all been practiced so should be accurate for all. 

Hopefully a few club records are in line to be broken/created.

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