Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Week Ahead 25 Aug 2014

On Tuesday it's time for Up the Clock, one of hour second-to-none sessions which has been planned in minute detail. So all hands on deck to wind yourself up, spring into action and face up to its demands.

It's 11 times round the track, starting with 200 metres and increasing the effort by 10 metres each time. So your recovery distance is reduced by 10 metres with every run.

The coach will call out your time at the end of each effort which will ideally take two seconds longer than the previous one. So don't start off too fast on the first run or you'll struggle to keep up a consistent pace.

Thursday's run is along the Wales Coast Path, starting down Welsh Street, through Garden City, Fisherman's Walk and Thornwell, following the shell signs through to Mathern and St Pierre. Then returning via Mathern village.

And finally on Saturday on the 5 Acre campus near Coleford, we present the August Club Champs track session. Be there at 2pm for a warm-up. 400 metres to start, followed by mile races and finishing with 100 metre sprints. Lots of points for those with a turn of speed.

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