Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Week Ahead 18 Aug 2014

This Tuesday's session gives an opportunity to do some speed work on the
track with 3/4 sets of 200, 400, 600m efforts with 3 min recovery between sets and 200m jog recovery between efforts. 

Use the session to practice consistency of effort over varying distances.
Meet at the track at 7:00pm.(Unless pouring with rain then meet in Leisure Centre).

Then the 3 Woods on Thursday. Which direction? Wait and see!


  1. On Tuesday, should that read 600/400/200 ? I would hate to go from warm-up straight into 200 fast !

  2. Could we do the 3 woods the clockwise direction (same as last time) as it's much better fun blasting the last mile or so along the Wye Valley walk??

  3. Ian Wade !? Blasting !? Damn and blasting maybe !

  4. Ian - thanks for your suggestion. I'm sure MC Niki and Coach Geoff will take note.