Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Week Ahead 28 July 2014

A two-parter on Tuesday.

First, our new club favourite, the Paarlauf, on the track. Find yourself a partner of similar speed and take it in turn to run half a lap, followed by the jog across the track to take over when your mate has done their half lap.

Second, coach Ivan has another relay lined up. So much speedwork, so much quality training.

3 Woods clockwise on Thursday.

A nice quiet week in which to train hard and rest hard.


  1. The 3 Woods run on Thursday will be hampered as Piercefield park has been fenced off by the Hippies for the Green Gathering running till the 3rd Aug.

  2. Thanks for the info Al.
    Maybe best to avoid the Park by running along the footpath by the wall.