Monday, 30 June 2014

The week ahead 30th June

The coach this month is Ivan and Training on Tuesday 1st is: "300s on the track with 100 recoveries. 12 to 16 reps". It'll all be explained when you get there. Meet on the track 7pm.

On Thursday it's our own Tintern Trot. If you're not helping out, then come along and take part. Great venue, great race and of course...  fantastically organised under the directorship of Dave Andrews.

On Saturday it's the grand club outing to the most southern fell race - 'Charmouth Challenge' (aka Golden Cap). Run, beer and BBQ - what could be better? See the BB for more details or speak to Jane at club. 


  1. Tuesday was a good hard session of 300 metres on a warm evening. Initial long separation of the C & D groups soon resolved itself into a reasonable 'pack'. Still a reluctance to warm-down thought small chatting groups seem more popular.

  2. Dear Anon - I've never yet seen any evidence of the effectiveness of 'warming down'

  3. Hmm. I always thought that warming down .................................
    •aids in the dissipation of waste products - including lactic acid
    •reduces the potential for DOMS
    •reduces the chances of dizziness or fainting caused by the pooling of venous blood at the extremities
    •reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood
    •allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate

    Now we don't want any DOM's do we. There again, if we cut it out, we can get in the bar quicker !!