Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Week Ahead 23 June 2014

Coach Matthews introduces a new session on Tuesday - Beat the Clock (not to be confused with Round the Clock). The secret of this one is to run when you hear the whistle, and then stop when you hear the next whistle. No brainwork required when should suit some members you could mention.

Thursday's run? You guessed it - suggestions please in Comments Box!

Back to the Coaches telling you where to go next month, so take advantage of this last vestige of democracy!

Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday. Bona Fortuna to all taking part, especially those who've recced their leg and received the green flash of approval...


  1. Can I encourage all members attending to be extra welcoming to folks you don't recognise? We have invited all the C25K graduates over the last year to try out the next FOUR Tuesday training sessions when we are on the field - ie not LCL or Rose Inn! I (Chris) will specifically be overseeing them so they can do exactly the same session as the rest of the club and get a feel of what's it's like. We have said we are a friendly club and I know you would love to prove me right :) If anyone would liek to give me a hand, or share their experience of joining the club that would be great. See you tomorrow!

  2. For Thursday, maybe a very short drive, say 10 mins. tops, to Wireworks car-park Tintern, or lower car-park at Wentwood, or Rock and Fountain A48, or Tidenham Chase car-park, THEN a run on relatively new terrain. Failing that, over Piercefield and on to WVW to left turn across and up to Penterry Chuch. Anyway, off-road somewhere !

  3. New ground sounds excellent idea, problem is not everyone will know where they are going............

    1. How many Anonymous's are there?
      Do I have to run in Tintern, and then go to Wentwood and then Rock and Fountain and finish at Tidenham Chase? Seems it could be a long night?
      Can one of the Anonymous's choose one of them, and then go ahead and mark the route?

  4. Thanks for the comments Anons 1 & 2 and last week's successful chooser Mr Cram.
    I'm all for away runs and I hope Anon 1 will research the one they prefer and maybe mark it or at least do a map for a future Thursday..
    But I think we need more advance publicity for an away run, so I'd plump for the Piercefield Park/Penterry route for this Thursday please.

  5. Excellent speed session last night. Especially going in both directions. I needed a good warm-down. Others seem to manage with a good long chat ! Thanks Rich.

  6. Pierce field Park / Penterry route sounds nice but, as was stated, not everyone will know where they are going.......................................

  7. New session tonight. Go out the door and scatter...........................!