Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Week Ahead 14 Apr 2014

Coach Sue says: We head to the track again this Tuesday, where after
warm up and those lovely drills it's take your partners time! The session is a
paarlauf on the track. 200m run, 80m recovery, for 40 mins - great fun! Find a partner who's about the same speed. 

But save a little energy for the Great Easter Egg Hunt a few minutes later when we've all got our breath back.

On Thursday we have the 2nd Club Handicap in Chepstow Park Wood, this time in the opposite direction. 

First off at 7pm.

And finally, the next in our Club Fell Race Series - the Sugar Loaf (7 miles) from Abergavenny Leisure Ctre at 11am. Very much an entry-level fell race. Only £4 and full kit will only be required if we get an unexpected change in the weather. Bring along windproof top and bottoms, hat, gloves, compass just in case, but with any luck they'll stay in the car.
Meet at 9.30 at our LC.


  1. Don't forget the Gilwern Grunt on Easter Monday - 21 April.

  2. This 200 + 80 metres on the 400 metre track; what about the next 120 metres for a full lap ?

  3. No, no, no, 80m is across the infield, back to your starting point. You run the same 200m half track over and over, jog/walk recovery over the field while your partner runs their 200m side of the track.