Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Week Ahead 24 Mar 2014

Tuesday's training is the double Severn Bridge Hills session - meet on the slope leading down to our 5k Time Trial start.  
30 Mins continuous running, 5K pace up the short hill, and 10K pace up the long hill.
Session Aim - Pace judgement & endurance with proper slow recovery jogs down hills.
Concentrate on good running form.                  
Thursday's run is your choice of the Boughspring routes.
Session Aim - Long Run, either tempo, recovery or social depending on runners' requirements.
Mike says "Thank you from me, to all the runners for their efforts over the sessions during my month's training stint."
And finally - the Club Champs for this month is the Cardiff parkrun on Saturday at 9. Paul Dodd says -
The course is definitely a PB course. Flat and on tarmac throughout. 
There is ample car parking in the Tesco's extra next door... and toilets.
It's a busy Parkrun with often 500 runners. Make sure you place your self well up at the start as it is congested.
I'd allow 40 mins from Chepstow. Reckon lift sharers should aim to meet at LC 7:50am and leave no later than 8:00am. 

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