Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Week Ahead 31 Mar 2014

Tuesday's session is described thus by April's Coach, Sue:

"For the first session of the summer season we head to Piercefield Park. The session is a continuous 30 min run round a 600m lap that's made up of of uphill, flattish
then  downhill sections. The aim of the session is to put in effort up and down the hills with the recovery to be on the flat.
 Practice pace judgement and aim for consistent lap times. Think about the difference between running off road to tarmac. Remember good style at all times!"

We'll be meeting on the field every Tuesday in Spring/Summer from now on. Please get in the habit of starting your warm-up jog as soon as you arrive.

On Thursday we have the first of our four handicap races over the traditional course in Chepstow Park Wood, on the St Arvans to Devauden road.

First runners off at 6.45. See your start time on this Blog Site a few posts back. If you're not on the list contact Coach Mike or get to the start line in good time to be given one.

And Mike is laying on hot drinks and biscuits at the finish!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Last Chance for Commonwealth Games Tickets

Must know by Friday 28th if you want to apply for a pair of tickets. No one has replied yet!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Week Ahead 24 Mar 2014

Tuesday's training is the double Severn Bridge Hills session - meet on the slope leading down to our 5k Time Trial start.  
30 Mins continuous running, 5K pace up the short hill, and 10K pace up the long hill.
Session Aim - Pace judgement & endurance with proper slow recovery jogs down hills.
Concentrate on good running form.                  
Thursday's run is your choice of the Boughspring routes.
Session Aim - Long Run, either tempo, recovery or social depending on runners' requirements.
Mike says "Thank you from me, to all the runners for their efforts over the sessions during my month's training stint."
And finally - the Club Champs for this month is the Cardiff parkrun on Saturday at 9. Paul Dodd says -
The course is definitely a PB course. Flat and on tarmac throughout. 
There is ample car parking in the Tesco's extra next door... and toilets.
It's a busy Parkrun with often 500 runners. Make sure you place your self well up at the start as it is congested.
I'd allow 40 mins from Chepstow. Reckon lift sharers should aim to meet at LC 7:50am and leave no later than 8:00am. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Handicap Times

Handicap times for the 1st race on Thursday 3rd April are now available here:

Handicap Times

If you're unhappy, speak to Mike. It might not make any difference.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Personal Accident Insurance

Just to remind all members that as well as the standard insurance we get by being affiliated to WA (which covers you only for third party claims), the club on your behalf has taken out additional insurance that provides you with personal accident insurrance. .

Bram has provided a summary. There's a link to this summary on the website on the 'About Us' page. It's also here:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Week Ahead 17 Mar 2014

This Tuesday jog or drive down to the S Bridge for flat 400 metres speed reps at either 5k pace or if you're looking for a good speed workout try 3k pace. The recovery is a 200 metre jog.

10 for ABC groups/ 8 for DEF.

On Thursday, to continue the Bridge theme, run the 10 miler across the Bridge on the upstream side and back on the down stream side.

The coaching team hope your training is going well. We are dedicated to improving your race performance and have been working on some more effective track sessions.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Champs Race Filling Up Alert

Next Champs Race: Corsham 10km - 27th April.
It seems a long way off I know - but places are filling up!

They have 350 entered already. I'm not sure what the entry limit is - no mention on the site - but I can't see it being much higher than 450.

Don't dilly dally. ENTER NOW
Here is the link to the webpage with on-line entry and downloadable paper entry:

It's a good race. Friendly and busy. A road 10k course in pleasant surroundings - country lanes and nice Cotswoldy villages. It's almost a PB course but it's not totally flat. Corsham is about 45mins form Chepstow and easy to get to.
It would be great to get a good turn out for this like we did at Slaughterford! 
Spread the word.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Week Ahead 10 Mar 2014

Up to Tutshill on Tuesday for the Severn View (actually it's partly Severn Crescent and partly Castle View) session. If you're going straight there see you at the junction of Sedbury Lane and The Myrtles.

It's 5k pace and about 400 metres. ABC do 10, DEF 8. Recovery is the jog down from the finish at the top of Castle View to the start at Severn Crescent.

Down to the Severn Bridge on Thursday for the monthly 5k Time Trial. Off at 7.30.

And some advance info: Coach Mike is in charge of this year's Club Handicap, the dates for which are Thursdays 3 and 17 April, 1 and 15 May. Usual course BUT the second and fourth races will be run in reverse! Sounds like a welcome change.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Help Wanted Next Thursday Please

Helpers are needed on Thursday evening for the next 5k Time Trial on the Severn Bridge - either on the finish or as the turn-round marshal.

Please enter your name in Comments below or contact Coach in charge Mike Evans.

Many Thanks.

Coach Mike

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Week Ahead 3 Mar 2014

Coach Mike invites you to the monthly Thornwell Loop on Tuesday.
He says "This session begins the March theme of 5k pace, and over longer intervals. We are working on operating at threshold level for a longer effort."

The Thursday tempo run is the Sedbury route (mapped on the Training page).

And finally - on Sunday our cross-country season ends with the fifth Leisure Centre League at a new venue. It's just north of Pontypool at a farm near Pontnewynydd. All details are on the Club Calendar. Click on Where and Description to get meeting time, address etc. Have a good run.