Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Week Ahead 6 January 2014

Back in the old routine. Tuesday's session is the ever-reliable Thornwell Loop. 5 for ABC/4 for DEF. Be warmed up and ready for a 7.20 start. At 1200 metres per lap with a slope up at the start and a fast descent to this finish, this is an aerobic speed endurance session with everything.
Thursday's run is the Shirenewton 9. Remember it's nearly all downhill once you get to Shire. Def worth making the effort to do the whole circuit.
And finally... on Sunday the 3rd LCL cross-country at Parc Bryn Bach. Not a hard one with just the one slope per lap, and showers and a hot drink in the caff after. Meet at LC at 9.
So a good Week 2 to continue your excellent start to the year! At this rate, Most Improved Runner 2014 will be even harder to choose than 2013. Will you be in the running?

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