Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Week Ahead 27 Jan 2014

On Tuesday we're repeating Ivan's very successful Fartlek session which mean alternately jogging and running at pace round a 5 mile circuit mainly centred on Sedbury and Tutshill.

We start by jogging down town to the 'new' Wye Bridge by St Mary's Church where we pick up the first fast stretch across the Bridge. Then a jog up the steps and right to the Wyebank estate where we start the next dash.

Each time the starting point is marked by the length of the fast stretch chalked on the ground. and the end by a chalk line.

Stick with your Pace Group and regroup each time at the end of the fast bit before jogging on.

Remember to stay after the run for the session with Podiatrist Sam in the bar after.

Thursday's run is Hayesgate - up to the Hospital, down to Mountain, up Ticken Hill, down to the right turn just before the A48 at the New Inn, along to Hayesgate, back along A48, right to Mathern, back up Dark Lane to Bulwark, and home.

And finally, on Sunday the next LCL Cross Country at Llantarnam Sch/LC, Cwmbran.

Check out the new Club Calendar for full details!

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