Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Week Ahead 20 Jan 2014

Tuesday's training is the ever-popular Danes Loop. Anticlockwise this time, starting with the downslope along Kingsmark Lane which is your chance to recover from the long hill up Kingsmark Avenue. Start to speed up down Huntfield, ready to push hard but evenly up Kingsmark Ave.
Try to push up K'mark Ave as hard as you can but not so hard that you can't maintain the same pace for the whole session - 5 laps for ABC; 4 for DEF. Remember that you've got all the downhill along K Lane & Huntfield to recover - So go for it on that hill! We'll start with a gentle recce/warm-up lap. Use that to get into your Pace Group, so you can start your first 'real' lap as soon as you get to the corner.
Thursday's run is down to Beachley and back via Wyebank estate. Don't miss that bit out. Remember your resolution to train harder this year!
And finally, the first Club Champs of the year on Sunday - the Slaughterford 9. Start as you mean to go on and go hard for it. This could well be your year when you scoop the trophies at the Awards Dinner.
Have you seen the new Club Calendar? Watch it for info on meeting times, training sessions, social events etc etc. If you have any feedback or suggestions, our webmasters would love to hear from you.

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