Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Podiatrist Advice

On Tuesday about 20 of us joined Sam Chidwick, a Foot, Ankle, and Podiatric Biomechanics specialist, in a talk about Minimalist and Maximalist running. We talked about strengthening, flexibility, transition between running footwear, form and terrain, and injury management and prevention.

If anyone would like to book a consultation with Sam, please contact him on 07510 200922 or email You can see him at Chepstow Natural Health Centre, 10 Hocker Hill Street, but home visits are also offered. Sam will even go for a short run with you before a
consultation to help him build a picture of your running style.

Harriers members are offered a discounted price of £35 for a 1 hour new patient assessment.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Week Ahead 27 Jan 2014

On Tuesday we're repeating Ivan's very successful Fartlek session which mean alternately jogging and running at pace round a 5 mile circuit mainly centred on Sedbury and Tutshill.

We start by jogging down town to the 'new' Wye Bridge by St Mary's Church where we pick up the first fast stretch across the Bridge. Then a jog up the steps and right to the Wyebank estate where we start the next dash.

Each time the starting point is marked by the length of the fast stretch chalked on the ground. and the end by a chalk line.

Stick with your Pace Group and regroup each time at the end of the fast bit before jogging on.

Remember to stay after the run for the session with Podiatrist Sam in the bar after.

Thursday's run is Hayesgate - up to the Hospital, down to Mountain, up Ticken Hill, down to the right turn just before the A48 at the New Inn, along to Hayesgate, back along A48, right to Mathern, back up Dark Lane to Bulwark, and home.

And finally, on Sunday the next LCL Cross Country at Llantarnam Sch/LC, Cwmbran.

Check out the new Club Calendar for full details!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Week Ahead 20 Jan 2014

Tuesday's training is the ever-popular Danes Loop. Anticlockwise this time, starting with the downslope along Kingsmark Lane which is your chance to recover from the long hill up Kingsmark Avenue. Start to speed up down Huntfield, ready to push hard but evenly up Kingsmark Ave.
Try to push up K'mark Ave as hard as you can but not so hard that you can't maintain the same pace for the whole session - 5 laps for ABC; 4 for DEF. Remember that you've got all the downhill along K Lane & Huntfield to recover - So go for it on that hill! We'll start with a gentle recce/warm-up lap. Use that to get into your Pace Group, so you can start your first 'real' lap as soon as you get to the corner.
Thursday's run is down to Beachley and back via Wyebank estate. Don't miss that bit out. Remember your resolution to train harder this year!
And finally, the first Club Champs of the year on Sunday - the Slaughterford 9. Start as you mean to go on and go hard for it. This could well be your year when you scoop the trophies at the Awards Dinner.
Have you seen the new Club Calendar? Watch it for info on meeting times, training sessions, social events etc etc. If you have any feedback or suggestions, our webmasters would love to hear from you.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Chepstow Harriers News Blog: The Week Ahead 13 Jan 2014

Chepstow Harriers News Blog: The Week Ahead 13 Jan 2014: Tuesday takes us to Bulwark for the Paarlauf session at Beech Grove that Ivan introduced a couple of months ago. Find yourself a partner of your speed and take turns running the 300 metre loop round Larkfield Ave for 30 mins.
Down to the S Bridge Thursday for the monthly 5k Time Trial. Be warmed up ready to run at 7.30

Provisional Results for LCL XC at Parc Bryn Bach

Men's Results

Ladies Results

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Next LCL Cross Country 2 Feb

Fairwater Runners Cwmbran will be hosting Race 4 of the GLCL 2013~14 XC Series on Sunday 2nd February.
The venue will be Llantarnam School/Leisure Centre.

Llantarnam Leisure Centre 
Llantarnam Road 
Cwmbran, Torfaen
NP44 3XB

Link to webpage with map etc.:

Race start time will be 11:00 am as usual.

The course will be multiple laps of mostly fields with some woodland.

One thing we ask is that participants make every effort to car share as car parking space is limited.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Week Ahead 6 January 2014

Back in the old routine. Tuesday's session is the ever-reliable Thornwell Loop. 5 for ABC/4 for DEF. Be warmed up and ready for a 7.20 start. At 1200 metres per lap with a slope up at the start and a fast descent to this finish, this is an aerobic speed endurance session with everything.
Thursday's run is the Shirenewton 9. Remember it's nearly all downhill once you get to Shire. Def worth making the effort to do the whole circuit.
And finally... on Sunday the 3rd LCL cross-country at Parc Bryn Bach. Not a hard one with just the one slope per lap, and showers and a hot drink in the caff after. Meet at LC at 9.
So a good Week 2 to continue your excellent start to the year! At this rate, Most Improved Runner 2014 will be even harder to choose than 2013. Will you be in the running?