Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Week Ahead 11 Nov 2013

On Tuesday, Coach Geoff is repeating a session that proved effective back in September. Continuing with the theme of aiming for consistent times and good running form we go back to the Link Road where the session comprises 800 m efforts, running up the slope from either the 800 m mark or the 1600 m mark - 5 for group D,E and F, and 6 for group A,B and C.
Thursday sees us in Gt Barnetts Wood again for another Night Race practice, this time on a carefully marked loop that we're going to recce first under the Club Champs Organisers' guidance. Then we're going to run it under race conditions for a few laps for the dual purpose of learning how to perform competitively in the dark on rough ground, and to test our race finish software.
To achieve all this we all need to get to the LC by 6.50 latest, fill in an entry form, and pin on a race number.
Don't forget your head torch and offroad shoes.
And finally, the first LCL cross-country on Sunday in Pontypool Park, starting at 11 for all. Not the same course as the Gwent League the other week, but equally hilly and demanding. You'll need your bestest grip!
A 9.45 start from our LC car park should have us there by 10.15.

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