Monday, 7 October 2013

The Week Ahead 7 Oct 2013

Down to the S Bridge on Tuesday for a flat speed session of 400 metre efforts with 200 metre jog recoveries. It all starts at 7.20, so get yourself there on time by setting off at 7 sharp if you're running all the way, or driving all or part way down.
The MCs have promised to do their intros in future before 7 to facilitate prompt starts.
Thursday's run is the Mathern route - map on the training page. I've been reminded to plug Curry Night down at Spoons after training. Seems numbers have dwindled lately, but I for one am planning to go this Thursday (that'll put off a few more I daresay ...)
And finally, the Marshfield Mudlark in darkest Wilts (actually no farther than Bath) is the main October Club Champs. There may well be entries on the day if the race limit hasn't been reached. Watch the Comments space below for any news, including meeting/car-sharing details.


  1. It's 8 lots for DEF and 10 for ABC.
    Keep to your right.
    Meet on upstream side where we start the 5k Time Trial.

  2. Sunday's Marshfield Mudlark - meet at LC steps ready to leave at 9.