Monday, 8 July 2013

The Week Ahead 8 July 2013

Rose Inn Tuesday dear Reader. I see on the BB that Judith has got a full workforce, so why not have a run?

A special treat on Thursday: Rob Brown is putting on a nice woody run from the Brockweir Inn, with a drink and some food after. There's a nice 8 miler or a short cut of about 5.

Meet at LC at 6.50 as usual to share cars - parking is limited at Brockweir. You can put your car on the grass verge leading up the hill toward MacKenzie Hall. Be ready to run soon after 7.10.


  1. Anyone going from the Leisure Centre to the Rose Inn?

    What time?

  2. Many thanks to Rob B for a cracking run and foodsies last night. Man that course was BRUTAL!! Loved it tough, well done to all who ran especially my running partners who kept me going when I thought my legs were about to fall off :))