Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Take Your Partners for the Next Paarlauf!

So popular was the first Paarlauf session we did in May, we have been forced to offer another this Thursday.
Those who did it will remember that we all paired off with someone of roughly the same ability and stood on opposite sides of the track at the midpoint of the straights. At the whistle, those on the far side ran the 200 metres half-lap to touch the hand of their partner, who then ran their half lap. During this second half-lap, the first runners had to jog across to their start point in time to meet their partner's hand before doing it all over again. Got it so far? Good.
After 22.5 minutes of continuous running, the whistle blew and we all changed sides to do another 22.5 mins from the opposite side. Phew!
So between now and Thursday you need to find your partner, or turn up Thursday and take a chance.
It can be done in threes, with two running together if we get an odd number turning up.
We've also got the 3 Woods lined up for those who find this all too exciting.

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