Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thursday's Run - The Sea Wall

A reminder to those who fancy the medium length run (see the map on the Training page of our website).
Chris has spoken to the people in the Cottage and they will be locking up Billy and the other dogs.
BUT ... it is important that we don't run along the private road that passes the front of the house.
Chris describes the proper footpath below (the pic numbers in brackets refer to a Dropbox set of pictures that Chris has posted on Face Book, but the description should guide you through):
Key point is to turn LEFT after the railway crossing (pic 7) following the footpath sign, then follow field around to stile on left (8) over another one and through some dried up corn and onto a stile on the left just before fence of field behind house (9), then head across over brook toward a pole with a yellow tip and left through a kissing gate onto San Pierre Golf course. Then head back to LC via Mathern.

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