Monday, 6 May 2013

The Week Ahead 6 May 2013

A new month and a new Coach! Mike Evans is taking another turn while Chris Rees steps down after a very interesting and challenging April - thanks Chris.

To prepare for Tuesday's Progress Run, you need to be aware of your current 5k race time. You then divide that by three to give your time for 1mile at that pace (you should really divide by about 3.1, but by 3 is near enough). The session will be a five mile run with the first mile at 2 minutes slower than your mile pace. You then increase your pace by 30 seconds for each of the subsequent miles, until you're running at the 5k pace you started with.
To give an example, someone who runs 5k in 25 minutes would have a mile time of 8 minutes. So his/her first mile would be run at 10 mins, the second at 9 1/2 mins, the third at 9, the fourth at 8 1/2, and finishing with the fifth at 8 mins. Hope that's clear.

On Thursday we have the third Club Handicap. Vanessa will be posting the start times a bit later in the week.

Then on Saturday is the next in the Club Fell Series, the Steam Bunny Race in the hills behind Pontypool. Watch out for more info from Niki.

And finally for runners looking for a fast PB course, the Race for Wildlife on Sunday is a 10k on our Magor Marsh course. Entries on the day if you haven't already entered.

Please note that we'll be using our Leis Ctre track for Tuesday sessions rather than the Beachley track which was mentioned as a possibility in Wots On.
Mike also wants to give advance warning of the Paarlauf session on Thurs 16th. You will need to pair up with someone in the Club who's of about the same speed as you. You and your partner will take turns running half a lap while the other will do a recovery jog across the track to take their turn in doing a half lap. So you need to be fairly equally matched.

I've also been asked to give a mention to the Masters of Ceremony who take turns on Club nights to meet and greet old and new members alike, and then introduce the evening's entertainment. Dick will be on duty this Tuesday. The next two Club nights don't need an MC (H'cap and Rose Inn) and then Lou will be on duty on Thurs 16th

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