Monday, 13 May 2013

The Week Ahead 13 May 2013

The Rose Inn series starts again on Tuesday. Have a good one if you're racing and thanks from all in the Club if you're helping.

Our MC on Thursday is Lou who'll be introducing Coach Mike and his new Paarlauf session. For this you need a partner who's about the same speed as you. You stand opposite each other in the middle of the straights. Runner A runs the half-lap to Runner B. B then runs the half-lap to the start point to which A has returned by running the shorter distance straight across the track. This continues for 45 minutes - so you don't want to start too fast!

And finally on Sunday it's the May Club Champs race - the Cheddar Challenge. See the CC page on the website for details, but note that it costs an extra £5 to enter on the day.

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