Thursday, 30 May 2013

Handicap results

The results for tonight's Handicap are on the Handicap page, as well as the overall series results:

Well done Louise Crockett for being tonight's winner!

The series results are as follows:

1st - Simon Dury
2nd - Denise Evans
3rd - Geoff Bayliss

Thank you Syd for organising the individual races, and thanks to all the runners, helpers and supporters.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Final Handicap this Thursday 30th!!!!

The fourth and final Handicap will take place on Thursday this week, 30th May.  First runner off at 7pm.

Start list is on the Handicap page, along with the cumulative points table after three events.  The best 3 out of 4 scores will count towards series prizes.

See you tomorrow evening!!! :-)

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Week Ahead 27 May 2013

Coach Mike leads an 8 (DEF groups) or 10 (ABC groups) X 400 metres Effort session on Tuesday (Bill Bewg is MC). Your Effort pace will be 10 seconds faster than your 5k mile race pace.
Recovery is 400 metres jog.

Effort Recommendations:
Pace Group/ Mile Pace/ Lap Pace/ Effort Pace
        A            6.12        93 (1.33) 83 (1.23)
        B            6.26        97 (1.37) 87 (1.27)
        C           7.00        105 (1.45) 95 (1.35)
        D           7.43       116 (1.56) 106 (1.46)
        E            8.27       127 (2.07) 117 (1.57)
        F            8.51       133 (2.13) 123 (2.03)
Actual calculation if required for "to the second effort pace" is (5K mile pace / 4) - 10 seconds

The final Club Handicap on Thursday in Chep Pk Wd as usual. Watch out for Vanessa's posting for your start time.

And finally we have three teams in Sunday's Rack Raid. Good luck if you're running, and if not your support will be most welcome. When and where to watch are on:

LCL 2013 Road Race Series, Race 1, Chepstow 21st May

Here are confirmed results for the 1st race:


And here is the combined 2012~13 XC and Road Race Series top ten male & female runners after 6 of 10 races.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Week Ahead 20 May 2013

A quiet week for a change. Mike is still Coach and the MCs are Vanessa and Sue.

Tuesday brings the first Leisure Ctre League road race of the season to Chepstow, to be followed in the Leisure Centre Bar by the presentation of the trophies from the Cross-country season. Make sure you stay behind after the race to applaud all the teams and individuals - quite a few are Chep members - and tuck into the buffet, which we're all contributing to.

The race starts at 7.30 at the top of Hospital Hill so allow time to jog from the LC. All members are encouraged to run. Just wear your Club kit, run your hardest, and collect your finishing position card at the end. Hand this to your Captain or whoever is collecting them before you leave the finish area.

Thursday's run is up the Wye Valley Walk (remember we swapped the date of this from next Thursday in place of the last Club Handicap, now to be held on 30 May - details of which will be posted next week). The bluebells in the woods just after Eagles' Nest look particularly beautiful at the moment especially in contrast to the soft green of the new beech leaves.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rose Inn May 14th Results

Sorry for the slight delay in publishing the results for last night's first Rose Inn of 2013 but the wet weather caused us a couple of problems. We're pretty sure we've got it sorted now but let us know if  you spot any errors.
Results are here

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Week Ahead 13 May 2013

The Rose Inn series starts again on Tuesday. Have a good one if you're racing and thanks from all in the Club if you're helping.

Our MC on Thursday is Lou who'll be introducing Coach Mike and his new Paarlauf session. For this you need a partner who's about the same speed as you. You stand opposite each other in the middle of the straights. Runner A runs the half-lap to Runner B. B then runs the half-lap to the start point to which A has returned by running the shorter distance straight across the track. This continues for 45 minutes - so you don't want to start too fast!

And finally on Sunday it's the May Club Champs race - the Cheddar Challenge. See the CC page on the website for details, but note that it costs an extra £5 to enter on the day.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Race for Wildlife 10k - Sunday 12th May

This was not a Chepstow organsied race but we were in attendance to 'lend a hand' to our Gwent Wildlife Trust freinds - mainly with timing and getting the results sorted.
Official results will appear soon on the Gwent Wildlife Trust website, but here are the provisional results:

2013 Race for Wildlife 10k Results

Friday, 10 May 2013

Handicap 3 results

Thanks to everyone that turned up to help and run last night.  Particularly thank you to Syd who ran round to set the course up beforehand and then did the start and finish timings.

Results are on the webpage

Well done Paul Mayo for your first win!

I have also updated the points table

This shows that Denise is currently in the lead for the series, but anyone in blue could win it!  The 2013 series title is completely up for grabs so don't let the opportunity slip. Make sure you run the next and last handicap on 30 May.

See you there!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thursday Choices

Handicap first choice naturally - Chep Park Woods - see below for start times - Curry Night in Spoons after :)

For those who are doing the next race in the Fell Champs - Steam Bunny Stomp - this Sat - Pon-y-pwl are doing a recce tonight - Neil Grant is going - contact Neil for a lift?

Also Fairwater have invited you to recce the Chep - Caldi stage of the Rack Raid - Meet at Caldicot Castle at 6:45pm for onward transport to the start. Or see

This option fits with Curry Night too :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Week Ahead 6 May 2013

A new month and a new Coach! Mike Evans is taking another turn while Chris Rees steps down after a very interesting and challenging April - thanks Chris.

To prepare for Tuesday's Progress Run, you need to be aware of your current 5k race time. You then divide that by three to give your time for 1mile at that pace (you should really divide by about 3.1, but by 3 is near enough). The session will be a five mile run with the first mile at 2 minutes slower than your mile pace. You then increase your pace by 30 seconds for each of the subsequent miles, until you're running at the 5k pace you started with.
To give an example, someone who runs 5k in 25 minutes would have a mile time of 8 minutes. So his/her first mile would be run at 10 mins, the second at 9 1/2 mins, the third at 9, the fourth at 8 1/2, and finishing with the fifth at 8 mins. Hope that's clear.

On Thursday we have the third Club Handicap. Vanessa will be posting the start times a bit later in the week.

Then on Saturday is the next in the Club Fell Series, the Steam Bunny Race in the hills behind Pontypool. Watch out for more info from Niki.

And finally for runners looking for a fast PB course, the Race for Wildlife on Sunday is a 10k on our Magor Marsh course. Entries on the day if you haven't already entered.

Please note that we'll be using our Leis Ctre track for Tuesday sessions rather than the Beachley track which was mentioned as a possibility in Wots On.
Mike also wants to give advance warning of the Paarlauf session on Thurs 16th. You will need to pair up with someone in the Club who's of about the same speed as you. You and your partner will take turns running half a lap while the other will do a recovery jog across the track to take their turn in doing a half lap. So you need to be fairly equally matched.

I've also been asked to give a mention to the Masters of Ceremony who take turns on Club nights to meet and greet old and new members alike, and then introduce the evening's entertainment. Dick will be on duty this Tuesday. The next two Club nights don't need an MC (H'cap and Rose Inn) and then Lou will be on duty on Thurs 16th

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thursday's Run - The Sea Wall

A reminder to those who fancy the medium length run (see the map on the Training page of our website).
Chris has spoken to the people in the Cottage and they will be locking up Billy and the other dogs.
BUT ... it is important that we don't run along the private road that passes the front of the house.
Chris describes the proper footpath below (the pic numbers in brackets refer to a Dropbox set of pictures that Chris has posted on Face Book, but the description should guide you through):
Key point is to turn LEFT after the railway crossing (pic 7) following the footpath sign, then follow field around to stile on left (8) over another one and through some dried up corn and onto a stile on the left just before fence of field behind house (9), then head across over brook toward a pole with a yellow tip and left through a kissing gate onto San Pierre Golf course. Then head back to LC via Mathern.