Monday, 8 April 2013

The Week Ahead 8 April 2013

It's over to Piercefield Park on Tuesday for slightly over 1k laps at 10k effort with 2 mins recovery. Target is 6 for AB, 5 for CD, 4 for EF, but of course you can do more or less according to your current schedule. Chris's says the aim is:

a)    Improve your Speed/Endurance,
b)    Improve form on undulating terrain, run relaxed, controlled and comfortably whether uphill or downhill. Focus on your weakness (uphill or downhill)
Key Points :
      1)    Maintain constant effort all the way round 10K Effort
2)    Maintain good cadence (160-180 spm)
3)    Shorten stride length uphill, lengthen downhill should be shorter and higher than on road surface.
You should by now have had the email inviting you to the bar at 8.45 on Tues to meet the coaches and discuss the new Pace Guide.and the 3 month training programme trial. Be in at the start and see how you can improve your running.  
The first Club Handicap in Chepstow Park Wood on Thursday - first runners off at 7 sharp. Watch the website (under Club Only Events) for individual start times.
And it's Curry Night on Thursday after the H'cap! 
On Friday at 7 in the LC Community Room we start the C25K course for new runners. If you know anyone who might like to join in direct them to the Home page of our website. Club helpers will be very welcome - contact Chris Rees.
And finally on Sunday the rearranged January Club Champs race, Riverbank Rollick over in Thornbury. Good luck to those taking part..


  1. The Handicap start list is hopefully on the website. I will bring a copy to the LC tonight

  2. Forgot to mention that it's the 2nd Thursday in the month and therefore Curry Night!

  3. Directions to handicap in Chepstow Park Woods for those who haven't been before: drive to St Arvans and just after the Piercefield pub take the left turn towards Devauden. Drive on this road for about 2 miles, the car park is on the left just after the right turn towards Tintern and the Cot. It gets busy so please park sensibly and don't block anyone in as the car park is used by people walking dogs etc and they don't like having to wait for runners to finish in order to go home...