Monday, 29 April 2013

The Week Ahead 29 April 2013

Tuesday's track session is based on 6, 7 or 8 (maybe!) X 800 metres, but the exact amount you do will depend on how closely you stick to the appropriate pace for your group.
It is distance based, but lasts approximately 40 minutes, so if you go too fast you will end up doing extra reps!!

In addition to the usual benefits of doing 800 metre reps at speed, this session is designed to improve your ability to increase pace when tired which will help you with the final surge in races and/or recovery from surges / short hills etc.
It will also improve your mental toughness to push on when it is hard!

The first 600 metres in each effort should be at your 10k pace. Then you speed up to 3k pace for the final 200 metres.
You then jog/walk for two minutes to arrive at your next start point - 200 metres jog/walk for A/B/C groups; 100 metres for E/F/G.
Repeat this until the whistle blows after 40 minutes, and then finish the 800 you've started.

Group 600m@10k 200m@3k
A        2.17-2.20     0.40-0.42
B        2.28-2.31     0.44-0.46
C        2.39-2.43     0.47-0.49
D        2.58-3.02     0.52-0.55
E        3.16-3.21     0.58-1.01
F        3.35-3.40     1.03-1.07
Coloured Cones are placed every 100m to help with pacing and to bring you to your next start and finish point.

Thursday's Run is one of our Sea Wall Routes. There's an excellent map on the Training page.
Please note the warning about Billy the dog on the Long route.
The Middle route isn't described but the map shows it clearly.
The Short and Medium routes involve a level crossing of the railway - take care!

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