Monday, 15 April 2013

The Week Ahead 15 April 2013

We’re on the track Tuesday to do Up the Clock. Chris has tailored it to be a warm up for Thursday's Weston Prom 5 Mile, so it's run at your 5 mile RACE PACE. 

The Session should:
a)    Improve your pace judgement
b)    Improve your ability to maintain goal pace when tired.
Key Points:
1)    Set correct pace on first rep - a chart at the side of the track will guide you.
2)    Maintain consistent pace over increased distance.
3)    Keep recoveries to suggested time 90 seconds.
Please see the Blog before this one for details of Thursday's Club Champs Race.
Good luck to all London Marathoners and Offa's Orrorers on Sunday. If you're free that day and you haven't already volunteered to help, then come to Brockweir and help or support.

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