Monday, 25 March 2013

The Week Ahead 25 March 2013

The monthly trip down to Thornwell on Tuesday for the Loop. Don't be afraid to drive all or part of the two miles there.

It's about 1200 metres with the slope to start, so aim for 5k race pace. The target times for each Pace Group will be displayed in the bar.

ABC will do 5 laps, DEF will do 4, all with 2 mins recovery. Those who are willing can try a ladder for the last lap. It works best with 6-10 runners. Jog at your long run pace at least a metre behind the one in front. Your dash to the front should be not quite flat out.

Coach Sue would be pleased for any non-runners to give her a hand.

Thursday's run is the usual last-of-the-season Tour of the Town. 

Have a good Easter! .


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