Monday, 18 March 2013

The Week Ahead 18 March 2013

For the Danes Loop on Tuesday, Coach Sue has recruited Jane Rymer to patrol a corner where she will encourage us and to help us regroup after each recovery phase. (Jane, along with Sian Griffith and Anne Masters, spent last Saturday gaining the Leader in Running Fitness qualification which will be a great benefit to the Club on the Beginners' course starting on 12 April as well as on training nights.)
The Loops will be anti-clockwise, 4 for ABC and 3 for DEF, to be run ideally at 3k pace with a slow jog recovery along Kingsmark Lane while you regroup. Sue advises you to change groups if at any time you find that the group you first joined proves to be too slow or fast for you on the day.

Thursday's run is to Shirenewton, which as an out-and-back run can be adapted to the distance you want to cover.

And finally the LCL XC season draws to a close on Sunday at Rogerstone School, Risca. This is an interestingly varied course. The men's team especially needs a good turnout to retrieve points we lost earlier in the season. But of course we do need a full women's team.
Watch this space for meeting time and transport news.


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  1. Thanks Dick - yep last LCL XC Rogerstone - meet at our Leisure Centre at 9.40 - all welcome :) Mini bus