Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Forest Half - Rescheduled

Event has been rescheduled for 7th April.

I recieved this email:
"The elements have been much kinder since the weekend of the 24th March. Thanks to the fantastic support and cooperation of the Forestry Commission, the Highways Agency, St John Ambulance, the Forest of Dean Motor Club, and an army of volunteers - without whom this event would be impossible - we can now announce the date of the rescheduled event. All runners registered for the Forest of Dean Spring Trails Half Marathon are still registered with the same race number. We look forward to seeing you on the new, post-Easter, race day! If you really can't make it on the 7th April, check the web site for some options. "

Confirmed Race 5 LCL XC and Overall Results

Confirmed results for the LCL XC Race 5 (sun 24th March) and positions after all 5 XC races and combined series top 10 after 5 of 10 races can now be found on the website - go to the  'Club only Events' tab and choose 'Cross Country LCL& GL' from the drop down menu. Or follow the link here:
XC Results

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Week Ahead 25 March 2013

The monthly trip down to Thornwell on Tuesday for the Loop. Don't be afraid to drive all or part of the two miles there.

It's about 1200 metres with the slope to start, so aim for 5k race pace. The target times for each Pace Group will be displayed in the bar.

ABC will do 5 laps, DEF will do 4, all with 2 mins recovery. Those who are willing can try a ladder for the last lap. It works best with 6-10 runners. Jog at your long run pace at least a metre behind the one in front. Your dash to the front should be not quite flat out.

Coach Sue would be pleased for any non-runners to give her a hand.

Thursday's run is the usual last-of-the-season Tour of the Town. 

Have a good Easter! .


Sunday, 24 March 2013

LCL XC Rogerstone - Provisional Results

The provisional results for race 5 in the XC series, held at Rogerstone, can now be viewed on the website (under 'Club Only Events', then Cross Country). Or you can view them directly here:

Cross Country still On :)

XC still on so all welcome.  

If you race has been cancelled meet us at the LC 9.40 or Rogerstone ready to run at 11.00

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Week Ahead 18 March 2013

For the Danes Loop on Tuesday, Coach Sue has recruited Jane Rymer to patrol a corner where she will encourage us and to help us regroup after each recovery phase. (Jane, along with Sian Griffith and Anne Masters, spent last Saturday gaining the Leader in Running Fitness qualification which will be a great benefit to the Club on the Beginners' course starting on 12 April as well as on training nights.)
The Loops will be anti-clockwise, 4 for ABC and 3 for DEF, to be run ideally at 3k pace with a slow jog recovery along Kingsmark Lane while you regroup. Sue advises you to change groups if at any time you find that the group you first joined proves to be too slow or fast for you on the day.

Thursday's run is to Shirenewton, which as an out-and-back run can be adapted to the distance you want to cover.

And finally the LCL XC season draws to a close on Sunday at Rogerstone School, Risca. This is an interestingly varied course. The men's team especially needs a good turnout to retrieve points we lost earlier in the season. But of course we do need a full women's team.
Watch this space for meeting time and transport news.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

2nd Chepstow Fell Race 2013

The results for the Llantony Winter Fell Race which is the 2nd in the Chepstow Fell Race Series, are now on the Fell Race Series web page. Or view on this link:
Llantony Fell Race Results

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Week Ahead 11 March 2013

It's the final 5k Time Trial of this season on Tuesday. It may be cold and windy but you'll be all the more satisfied that you got out and did it! Meet at the LC usual time or be on the start line warmed up and ready at 7.30.

The Boughspring runs on Thursday. Pick the longest one for the most benefit, esp if you're doing one of the March half-marathons.

Don't be out too long tho' - it's Curry Night at Spoons.

And finally, the second of our Fell Run Series is the Llanthony Winter Race on Saturday. A friendly, non-hazardous 3.4 miles with 1,250 feet of climb. Bring along some warm gear in case the weather is bad. The organiser can insist on you taking full body cover.but with any luck that won't be necessary. You will need shoes with a very good grip - fell shoes ideally, or your best trail shoes.

The course is easy to follow with tape, flour and marshalls at turning points. £3 entry on the day. £1 per car parking fee.

Meet at LC at 12.15 for 2pm start.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Llanthony Recce Sunday

I'm thinking of having a recce round the Llanthony Winter Fell Race this Sunday 10 March but only if the weather is reasonable. The actual race is on Sat 16th and is a Chep Fell Series counter.

This will be a gentle walk on the ups and a slow jog on the flats and downs. But no stopping anyone who wants to run harder if they think they can find their way round - map provided.

Maybe leave LC about 9 but open to suggestion. I imagine we'd get back about 2pm.

Please write a comment if interested.


Monday, 4 March 2013

The Week Ahead 4 March 2013

Sue starts her coaching month with the Tunnel Hills which premiered back in early January.
It’s the slope up to the S Bridge cycle track from the tunnel -s a nice gradient with plenty of room for all. 2 sets of 6 hills for ABCs and 2 sets of 5 hills for DEFs.
Then as a sort of pace warmdown, in the tunnel we'll do a flat 30 metres acceleration, 30m sprint, 30m deceleration. Turn and do the same back. Repeat once or twice according to taste.
On Thursday it's the Hayesgate 7 which can be done twice for a marathon-prep med-long run!

Friday, 1 March 2013

March Training - Changes

Apologies to anyone inconvenienced but we have to swap the training round on two Tuesdays in March.

12 March will now be the S Bridge 5k Time Trial.

19 March will now be the Danes Loop.