Monday, 25 February 2013

The Week Ahead 25 Feb 2013

Jog or motor down to Loop Road at Beachley on Tuesday. Coach Jane says:

The road works have gone and we will return to the original session.  If you go by car, park by no. 37 and run a loop to warm up before everyone turns up as there will be no recce run.

The session, at 5k pace: start with your pace group from the lamp post on the left after the turn in from the main road. Run approx 700m along the straight section to the bus stop on the right. Turn, and in a slow jog/walk recover and regroup at no. 37. Begin again from this point, turn left in to the Inner Loop Rd and run approx 900m back around to the house. In a slow jog/walk regroup along the straight to the lamp post start. Repeat this three times.

On Thursday we have an away run on country lanes (wear a torch) from the George in Aylburton. 5 miles for DEF groups and 6.5 miles for ABC. A drink and a chip butty for all in the pub after. Meet at the George at 6.50 or at the Leis Ctre steps at 6.30. Please share cars.

And finally, the last Gwent League at Brecon Penlan LC on Saturday. Free minibus travel or share cars. Times will be announced soon.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Week Ahead 18 Feb 2013

It's the Danes Loop on Tuesday, anti-clockwise this time.

In case anyone fancies a flattish out and back instead, Chris will be running a 20 mins out/20 mins tempo run down the Link Rd and partway across the Bridge.

And a choice of distances on the Boughspring runs on Thursday.

Have a good week dear reader.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Week Ahead 11 Feb 2013

Take a trip to Thornwell on Tuesday for that old favourite The Loop. And like last time the final loop will be a fun ladder run.
Then on Thursday get your speed fix with tha Severn Bridge 5k. It's looking a bit calmer than last time. Maybe a PB will come your way.
Coach Jane will need the usual cohort of helpers. You could run out to the half-way point, watch the fun, and run back - so you get a run in and take your turn at helping. Or if you feel like a rest, it's fun watching the finish and taking the names. Whichever, please tell Jane if you can help. You can put your name in a Comment below if you like.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

LCL XC Results

Go to the Chepstow Harriers XC page to view results for Monmouth, XC series so far and overall combined results after 4 races.
Or click here.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Final LCL XC Poss Change of Date

Monmouth and Islwyn have a problem with the date of the last LCL XC - 24 March.

Monmouth in particular have almost all of their runners doing the FoD Half, so I have sympathy for them. The only alternative date that seems to be free is 31st which happens to be Easter Sunday.

What do people think?

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Week Ahead 4 Feb 2013

Coach Jane starts her month with the Link Road downhill session. First run the whole length (a bit less than 1,600 metres), then jog back up 800m, turn and blast 400m, jog back 800m, 400m down again, then jog the 800m back to the start - and repeat. This is a long session and well worth doing for the mileage towards a coming half marathon as well as the speed-endurance benefit.

A choice on Thursday of the Itton 8 or the Shirenewton & back run which can be anything up to 8 miles depending on when you choose to turn round.

And finally, on Saturday the fourth Gwent League of the season at Bath Uni. Watch this space for transport arrangements.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

LCL Results - Provisional

Thanks to Monmouth for putting on a different brand of cross-country. They did well with a difficult course, marshalling and manning the gates in an efficient and friendly fashion.

Fairwater's Daryll Barnby was first man, followed by Chepstow's Pete Ward and Islwyn's Aled Jones. In the team comp Chepstow just pipped Islwyn by one point with Fairwater 3rd.

Chepstow's Sam Harris and Jane Horler led Parc Bryn Bach's Nicola Gethin in the women's race. Chepstow won the team comp ahead of Pont-y-Pwl and Caerleon.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Thanks To & From Coach Mike

Coach Mike finished his January stint last night, and has asked for his gratitude to be expressed to all the runners who took part so enthusiastically in all the sessions, and to the fellow coaches who helped him.
I'm sure that the runners would liketo say thanks to Mike for his diligent and inspiring coaching.

And we all wish Coach Jane success in February.