Monday, 21 January 2013

Tuesday's Time Trial Postponed

We regret that we've had to postpone this Tuesday's S Bridge 5k to next Tuesday 29 Jan.

This morning (Monday) we had a look at the Bridge and the approach road, and although there is some thawing today, there are forecasts of further snow and low temperatures.

With the side roads and pavements in Chepstow likely to be still tricky, we thought we'd repeat what we did a couple of years ago in the same circumstances - a session on the Leis Ctre field of 10 sets of 2 minutes fast/1 minute recovery.

Apologies to those inconvenienced, and thanks to those who volunteered to help Mike with the TT timing and turn-rounds. We hope everyone will be available to make a success of next Tuesday.


  1. Wot? I spent an hour sharpening my crampons specially for it.

  2. . . . and I was going to put the melee on YouTube . . .
    Spoil sport !