Saturday, 19 January 2013

Frozen Frolick Sun 10am!

Suffering from Rollick  withdrawal symptoms? Need a muddy fix followed by a pub visit?

Then come along to the Leis Ctre at 10 on Sunday for our own version of the South Glos experience.

A nine mile as-flat-as-possible off-road route is being cobbled together for your delight.

Then a quick shower and a trip down to the Ball Hanger for hot food and drink.

See you there?


  1. Thanks Dick hehe don't know how flat it will be tho! cu tomorrow :)

  2. So if we do 3 woods till you get to St. Arvans then go left instead of right on the A466 - then take the MT 10 route through the Fedw and Chep Park Woods - but at the benches back down to St. Arvans over P Park to Chep. Actually this is quite hilly But pretty in the snow