Monday, 3 December 2012

The Week Ahead 3 Dec 2012

Down to Thornwell Tuesday for the famed Loop.

5 for A/B/C pace groups and 4 for D/E/F with 2 minutes recovery between each. The plan is to do the last lap as a last-to-first ladder in two groups: A/B/C and D/E/F. Let's hope we can manage it.

Drive down to the Tesco car park if you want and warm up while you wait for the rest of your group.

Then it's the Boughspring runs on Thursday. Choose the 5+, 6+ or 7+ route. Remember to get together with your pace group before we start and then regroup at 1) Top of the Steps after the new Wye Bridge. 2) The A48 road crossing. 3) The route split junctions 4) The turnoff onto the Coleford Road before the run back.

BEWARE! Watch out for the kerb and bollards at the end of Mopla Road just before crossing the road at Castleford.

Have a jolly week!

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