Monday, 17 December 2012

Club champs

Since googledocs is rubbish and has a problem (that is widespread), the easiest way to view the club championship results if it comes up with the message 'Sorry we are rubbish' is to go to 'File' (in the top left corner) then 'download'. Then once you've downloaded it you can view it. Ta da.


  1. I'm thinking that google wants people to create a gmail account - if you do you'll have no problem accessing google docs

  2. Creating an account is the failsafe way - it seems this problem is pervasive outside of Cheppo Harriers so there's not much I can do this end. Apols, but if you *are* having issues it really only does take a couple of mins to set an account up. Googledocs is a bit rubbish sadly, shame as their search engine is great!