Tuesday, 18 September 2012

St Arvans MT10 Race Report!

Thanks so much to all helpers at St. Arvans MT 10 today - everyone did a great job!

My Day

At 5.30 the alarm went off - as soon as it was light I was out putting up signs from High Beech to the hall - back home to collect Joe, Jake and Ceri to set up the tables, chairs and carry in all the prizes, signs and paraphernalia.

Back to collect Polly, Issy and 5 bread trays of cakes, coffee, tea, tea-towels and stuff!  

As usual Andy car park commandant was first on the scene bright, early and efficient - thanks Andy - also saw you slowing traffic on the Devauden road :) and taking charge of the clear up mission - not leaving until the hall was completely spic and span - winning the award for most constructively helpful person of the day. 

Niki and Bram were next to arrive with their lovely calm, positive organisation.  Stuart and Linda joined Niki to complete our friendly efficient registration team. 

Vanessa appeared sometime magically making tea and coffee for us all.

Bill was helping with car parking before joining Dick and Colin on their marshaling team.

Other marshaling teams started to arrive - Kev had unwittingly taken responsibility of C Team and was looking for Dave and Mark and lost signs flour and tape - thanks Kev - it all seemed to go well :)

Gill, Rob Brown and Tosh our A team were fully ready and eager to leave - went off without our Chairman Gerry who soon arrived and caught them up - thanks A team you did a great job.

Gill Ellis and Anne were our sweepers - I hope it went well - Dave said you made it to the Fedw car park at 1 min to the shortcut deadline - bet you were thrilled?!  Well done :)

The boys and Rob were marshalling through Porthcasseg - Rob said he was concerned that no one was at the next junction so went down on his bike to find that Dick had just arrived  - he didn't know of the master-plan! 

I arrived at Penterry lane in time to see Niki just passing with Helen, Vanessa, Neil and Luke coming up the hill.  I couldn't drive on to see Joc and Paul but I knew they would be there - thanks both :)

Found Dave in position in the Fedw and also poor Rob who had wanted to run but has been suffering with a bad back and kindly came to take photos - so glad you did Rob they are fantastic  - thanks.

Found Mark H Sen at Cot junction and stayed a while to see the first runners through - was surprised to see Kath had Emma on her shoulder - Emma Wookey is a very good runner just didn't see her enter!

The Devauden Road team looked very professional - this is the most dodgy crossing in the race and not an easy job - thanks Andy MW, Den, Dimitri, Andy C and Bev.

I didn't get to see the Chep Park Woods water station - poor Jackie was worried she might be doing this alone but Pete turned up and took the pressure off - thanks to you and the boys Pete and Jackie.

Was funny when I drove round the corner in Itton to find Gerry and Rob standing to attention saying 'quick it's the boss' - I was just hoping I'd made it in time!

I had.  Our Chepstow Park Woods marshals Phil, Jane and Sue had done a perfect job in marking out and there were no problems.  Thanks all especially Jane and Sue who had reccied the course to make sure they knew it!

At this point I got to see quite a few of the runners coming through and was pleased to see that Kath had pulled away from Emma in a now strong first place, Niki was 3rd F with Helen close behind and Luke keeping them in sight. Saw Neil and Vanessa before getting on to Jane + girls water station.

Jane was traffic calming and the girls handing out water.

On to the finish!

Arrived just in time to see the Huw Evans - first man into the finish (58:40). Wow sub 6 min miles on that course!!   

Matt Hurford was amazing too in  61:27 smiling all the way and thanked us as soon as he’d finished! Great to see Chris Harrhy in 3rd (63:27)  and the inimitable Steve Davies in  4th (65:05)

Our Kath was first woman in 65:43 - 6:30 min miles for 10 miles on a v hilly course - wow!  Niki was 3rd F in 69:44 - sub 7 min miles!  Helen had a great run today too - 71:08 - Neil  looking determined was out run by a getting  fitter Phil Miles ( 71:41) tho he wasn't far behind with a course pb of 72:49 - likewise Vanessa.

Virginia won first local runner - whay yeah!!

Well done to all who ran today.

Thanks to Syd and John for inventively constructing a finish and doing a great job with the results.

Matthew, Ruben and Seth had set up the finish water table and Seth was delighting in handing out water - just needed a little advice to wait until the runners had crossed the line!

The Devauden Road team, Jackie + Pete were here as well as C Team so there was lots of help and cheering at the finish.

Jake was running results on his bike back at our house and Bram patiently taking them at the door!  Thanks Bram!!  I wrote out the results - this is not because Bram couldn't print them for me just that's the way I like to do it!

Congratulations to Le Croups on the team prize – Huw, Matt, Alun Jones, Howard Kent, Simon Hazel. Chep had won the women's team prize - Kath, Niki, Helen + Vanessa.


Thanks to everyone who helped with the tea, cakes clearing up after especially Niki,Andy, Vanessa, Neil, Clare, Dick and of course Polly, Issy Ceri and Jake.

Thanks for taking all the signs, tape bibs tables and everything back to the garage Dick and for all your help.

I think it all went really well although any suggestions for improvements are welcome.



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