Monday, 10 September 2012

Beer and Skittles - What Life is All About!

An exciting evening of ball throwing, buffet munching and beer swilling in the exceptionally pleasant company of your fellow Harriers. What more can you ask for? Well, as it happens the ‘sticker-upper’ for the night is that infamous love or hate figure Grubby – so you can try to target him with your over-sized ball if he doesn’t get out of the way quick enough.

The date: Friday 19 October

The venue: Royal Oak, Whitecroft -

The time: Meet at Royal Oak at 7pm, ready for 7.30 Skittles kick off

The munchies: Hot and cold buffet including 2 dessert choices will be
provided at 8.30. Vegetarians (and meat eaters) will be well
catered for. More skittles to follow after the food.

The skittles: Colin Parry is our very own Skittles expert and he will be
in attendance to tell us what to do with those big balls and
how to score (no Grubby, not with women – no chance there,
even as a ‘sticker-upper’)

The booze:
We will have our own exclusive room, with exclusive bar and
an exclusive barman/woman, and exclusive toilets

The dosh: The evening including the buffet will cost £10 per person,
(I’ll collect the money on the night).
Obviously this does not include drinks which you’ll pay for
separately at the bar.
A small donation (some scraps from the buffet perhaps, a functioning knee
and/or achillies or a quid) to the ‘sticker-upper’ will be very gratefully accepted I’m sure.

Let me know: as soon as possible if you’re coming – so I can give numbers to the Royal Oak
staff for catering purposes. Please email me at, or make a Comment here.

See you there lovelies!



  1. Put me down please Niki. Sounds great!

  2. Can't you get these darn socials any closer... it's a whole 5 minute walk from home for us... but uphill on the way back.

    Yes we'll be there.

  3. Will defo be there, sounds great Niki :)