Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"All The Best Cooks Are Men"

Sue Ashton has suggested this potentially explosive post-Guy Fawkes event.

Members who follow the rantings on the Website Bulletin Board may have spotted a recent discussion on whether we should put on a women-only event like Race for Life.
Continuing with the segregated sex theme, our soon-to-retire Social Secretary has taken up a  suggestion to have a Men Only Cake Baking event. The men can have the whole of the weekend before the event in which to design, mix, bake, and decorate their inspired creations, and they will submit their efforts after training at the Leisure Centre bar on Tuesday 6 November.

The judges will be Lou, Vanessa and Dick – as they are all famous for making and/or eating lots of cake.

Wives &/girlfriends of cake-baking men please note – you are only allowed a purely advisable role – you are not permitted to bake the whole thing for them.

We will be combining this with a kit night so you can admire John Wright modelling all the latest alluring Chepstow Harriers’ club kit.

A feast for the soul and senses.

Disclaimer – anyone eating the men-made cake does so at their own risk. The Social Secretary cannot be held liable for any dodgy tummies that may ensue – especially as it wasn’t even her idea, and she’ll almost have relinquished her position by then.

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