Friday, 31 August 2012

Blog post comments now working for all!

Apologies, dear reader, if you'd attempted to reply to a blog post in the past only to be told... well, you couldn't. this situation has now been rectified, so feel free to flame away! ;)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hay Hill Raiser Sunday 2 September

This Sunday is the Hay Hill Raiser, the Club Championship race for September.

It starts from Hay on Wye at 11am.  It's about 1hr 30mins travel so I suggest meet at LC at 8.40 and leave by 8.45am. HR3 5BT is the postcode they provide for HQ (Hay on Wye school in the centre of the town)

I believe there should be entries on the day but you might want to check with Jo Lord on 07831 609889, before you travel, just in case...

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Week Ahead 27 August 2012

We're again on the LC field on Tuesday, but those who tackled the session in the hayfield last Tuesday will know that there's next to no track visible. But our Coach of the Month Dave Somersall is nothing if not enterprising, and he'll be giving us an effective speed session no matter what.

A choice on Thursday: we did promise a timed mile and thanks to Syd the Wheel we'll have a carefully measured mile on the Link Road. Half of it will be downhill and the other half up, so we'll end up with an overall 'flat' course in that the start and finish will be a the same level.

If you don't fancy that how about a nice long run - the old route we revived a few weeks ago: down the dell, over the old bridge, up Deadman's Hill, turn right halfway up to Sedbury Lane, across the field and turn left to the rail tunnel, right to the Diving Ctre, past Tidenham church, and across the fields to Boughspring, backa along Offa's Dyke. Remember?

And finally, the Club Champs race on Sunday - the Hay Hill Raiser. A road race of 11.33 miles, with some up and down apparently, it starts at 11 and can be entered on the day.

Watch this space for meeting time.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Week Ahead 20 August 2012

Some serious hard training this week, but you know it makes sense. Four
 one mile reps (five for those who really want to improve) are Tuesday's good
 medicine. An easy one lap recovery is the spoonful of sugar.

Syd is marking out the exact one mile distance, so after maybe one or two as a warm-up, there’ll be a timed run for anyone who fancies having a go at their age-group record. Check out the times on our ‘Club Only Events/Club Records’ page.

Thursday's run takes us across Piercefield Park, along to Porthcasseg Farm, and up to
Fedw Wood. There's an short cut to be had by turning left at the farm and coming home down Penterry Hill. An intermediate distance would be a return via the Devauden/St Arvans road, or you can push it a bit by cutting through Chepstow Park Wood, before descending by way of
Rogerstone Grange. A good long run like we used to in the olden days.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Handicap results!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who took part or/and helped at this year's handicap series.

Results from last night's handicap:
handicap 4 results

And overall points results:
overall points positions

Finally, for interest, here are everybody's times from all four races, in order of speed:
All times in order of speed

Well done Denise for being last night's winner!

And well done Tom and Stuart D who tied for first place in the overall series, with Geoff Bayliss in 3rd place!  Your trophies will be presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rose Inn Results - 14th August

Here are the results for the last race in the year.
(Sorry... forgot to make them public to start with - they are now, so you should all be able to see them)


Handicap 4 start list

This is now on the Handicap page.  See link below:

Please note first runner off at 7.05pm

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Week Ahead 13 August 2012

Alas Summer must be nearing its end when the final Rose Inn is on the card.

At the time of writing, Judith is still after at least one helper for Tuesday's race. The new Redwick Village Hall is now open for us, so come along and help and/or enter on this historic occasion.

There's also an end-of-season feel for Thursday's attraction, the final Club Handicap. The series prize is still wide open, so why not go for it?!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Curry night tonight after training!

Posting because nobody seems to care about it any more :(

The time: 8:30-ish
The place: Bell Hanger
The meal: 

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Week Ahead 6 August 2012

The final LCL on Tuesday, starting and finishing next to Cwmbran Stadium. A nice course this with a lovely section along the canal. A free race with pleasant company. All Harriers should have a go. Meet at LC steps at 6.30.

And of course it's the August Club Championship! So points for yourself and points for the Club - phew!

Thursday's run is that old favourite, the Three Woods. Long and short versions available to suit all tastes, dear reader.