Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Week Ahead 27 August 2012

We're again on the LC field on Tuesday, but those who tackled the session in the hayfield last Tuesday will know that there's next to no track visible. But our Coach of the Month Dave Somersall is nothing if not enterprising, and he'll be giving us an effective speed session no matter what.

A choice on Thursday: we did promise a timed mile and thanks to Syd the Wheel we'll have a carefully measured mile on the Link Road. Half of it will be downhill and the other half up, so we'll end up with an overall 'flat' course in that the start and finish will be a the same level.

If you don't fancy that how about a nice long run - the old route we revived a few weeks ago: down the dell, over the old bridge, up Deadman's Hill, turn right halfway up to Sedbury Lane, across the field and turn left to the rail tunnel, right to the Diving Ctre, past Tidenham church, and across the fields to Boughspring, backa along Offa's Dyke. Remember?

And finally, the Club Champs race on Sunday - the Hay Hill Raiser. A road race of 11.33 miles, with some up and down apparently, it starts at 11 and can be entered on the day.

Watch this space for meeting time.

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