Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Handicap 3 Results

The results for tonight's handicap are now on the Handicap page, together with the cumulative points table and also the table showing all the times this year.

A warm evening, so several people ran slower times than before.  

But the heat doesn't stop some people...fastest on the night was Kath with 33.10, and tonight's winner was Tosh!  Well done, a big improvement for you!

If you have done at least 2 races and you have at least 66 points then it's possible to win the series.  Roll on the last Handicap on 16 August! 

Thanks Brenda, Syd, Bill S, Colin P, Mark, Andy and Kathryn for your help and support

Handicap 3 results

Cumulative points table

All times this year

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