Friday, 1 June 2012

The Week Ahead 4 June 2012

Discerning readers may be aware that there’s some sort of royal bash on Tuesday. In keeping with this spirit of monarchical endurance, our Coach of the Month Ivan Teed has festooned the track with patriotic bunting, and will be presenting 800 metre reps for the delight of members.

Go straight to the field for a 7 o’clock start. Our Leisure Centre will be ceremonially closed in honour of the regal celebrations.

Another dynastic treat on Thursday when Niki Morgan and Andy Creber will be taking us to Tintern for a ’Heart of Industry’ run that will take us on a tour of the Angiddy Valley’s industrial past. When/where info will be posted here on Wednesday.

Finally, have you put in your entry for Saturday’s extra Club Champs event, Man v Horse? Today (Fri 1 June) is your last chance.


  1. Don't get too many hopes up on the bunting!

  2. I'm only down to mark out the run. I won't be fit/healthy enough to lead the run anyway. I got the impression from Niki (whose in Peru) that Lou might lead it, but I don't know if that's confirmed.

  3. We want Corgis too please Ivan. Can you arrange?

  4. I thought Niki would teleport herself back in order to lead the run...
    If its the heart of history route then I know it too so can help with leading

  5. Tonight's (tues) session will be 600 reps with 200 easy recoveries (& regroup). Continuous session (no static) ideal for the cold/wet weather.
    See you there !