Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thursday’s Run

Geoff has kindly written this description for us:

Wales Coastal Path Route Description

From LC, run down Welsh Street and into the Dell on past the castle to the Old
Bridge to pick up the coastal path signs.  The signs are pictures of a yellow shell set into a circular concrete tablet in the footpath or a shell shape cut into a wooden finger post.

Follow the signs along the path past the band stand and return up into Chepstow  running past St Mary's Church. 

Go through the car park  and the underpass beneath the A48 up the steps and on up School Hill.  Through the wall at the top and on to the junction with Hardwick Avenue. Following the yellow shell coastal path logo all the way. 

Go down Hardwick avenue and turn right up Wye crescent Follow the Finger post signs, along the road and onto the first bit of trail up and around the allotments.

Run on along the path at the back of the industrial estate at Bulwark and on to turn left into Victoria road then first right into Raglan way following the signs run down the tarmac path to the junction
where the Sea wall route goes through the railway embankment.  Do not take this turn but carry straight on up the hill and along a well laid out gravel path through to Thornwell and the football pitch following the signs on the finger posts. 

From the Thornwell football ground run down the hill towards and through the motorway underpass,  on the far side of the underpass turn right and follow the signs and path until you arrive at Mathern Farm. 

7 MILE ROUTE From Mathern Farm cut back over the motorway pedestrian/cattle bridge and up the fields coming out on the Mathern road turning right to return to Leisure centre via Fair view etc.  

6 MILE ROUTE To cut it shorter you could just go down Welsh street and then up the hill past the police station to the top underpass and pick up the route from the fingerpost at the top of Hardwick avenue

9 MILE ROUTE To go longer at Mathern farm turn left and follow the path down over the railway and on to the sea wall.  Running the sea wall run in reverse back under the Severn bridge to rejoin the coastal path route at the tunnel beneath the railway run up the tarmac path back up to Raglan Way and to the rear of the Bulwark Ind. Est. to Hardwick Avenue and straight back to the leisure centre.

11 MILE ROUTE Alternatively from Mathern farm carry on following the coastal path signs skirting the golf course and on until you reach the railway at Red Cliff .  At Red Cliff you can return following the flood bank/sea wall under the Severn bridge run alongside the railway and under the track (Again Sea Wall route in reverse).  I think that this will be about 10.5 to 11 miles.

Geoff Bayliss  03/05/12

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