Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Handicap 1 Thursday 17th May - start list

Here is the start list for Thursday's handicap 1.

If you are not on the list and you would like to run then just post below and I'll add your name.

Please note that some people have 'unchecked' handicaps because they have not done any races I know of recently, so they cannot score points on Thursday. These are marked in yellow.  Once they have done a handicap then they can start scoring points for the next three.  Best 3 total scores out of the 4 races wins the series.



  1. Gareth Jenkins15 May 2012 at 13:27

    please allocate a start time for me and also Amanda Wild
    Our most recent timed runs are 5k severn bridge at 29 mins and worcester half marathon at 2;09



  2. I'm mortified. I'm not on the list.
    News of my death has been greatly exaggerated ! Whilst I may not be running for another month, if at all, I am decidedly not dead yet !
    Can I suggest a reasonable assessment to be 35-00 minutes.

  3. He is dead. I've got his skull on my mantlepiece to prove it.

  4. hi Im not on the list either :( can i start with gill Ellis?

  5. added Gareth, Amanda and Becka.

    For info Becka, Gill is starting early at 7.05 so can you be ready then please? Anne also running with Gill.

  6. I am going to start with Gill etc, too.

  7. Looks like I'll be chased by a pack of wolves!