Monday, 20 February 2012

Championship race change

The Roman Run was originally chosen as the September club championship race BUT as some eagle-eyed people have spotted, it is on 25 August this year.

So the revised September race is the Hay Hill Raiser on 2 September. 

It has a very similar profile (i.e. it starts with a big climb and then a fast descent) but it is all on road.  Also it is 11 miles long not 16.

Therefore the Bunny Runs will now count as an off road race and not a 'both'.


  1. "starts with a big climb" - ha! Check out

    It's an unrelenting 1300 ft in 7 miles followed by an unrelenting 4 mile descent of the same amount.

  2. Yes but it's easier than the Roman Run I think as that climb goes up to practically the top of Pen Y Fan and then down again!!!