Monday, 23 January 2012

Parkruns for Club Championship

As everyone should know by now (and here's a reminder), one of the optional races for this year's Club Champs is any Parkrun 5k throughout the year. And as there are loads of them - all over the world now in fact - and I can't check them all every weekend:

If you want your parkrun time counted in the club championship then you must email me at with the place and date that you ran (so I can find you in the results), or simply provide a link to the parkrun results website. If you don't and I don't know that you have run, then you won't be included in the results. It would also help if you let me know fairly soon after you have run, as it would be a pain to correct the results retrospectively (i.e. we don't want people in November saying they did a parkrun back in March).

I will put this message on the Bulletin Board and the Club Champs page as well.

Thanks, James

PS If you've run at the FoD, Newport, Cardiff or Colwick since the start of the year, then you don't need to email me as I've got all your times down.

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