Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kymin Race - January Club Championship


the Kymin race, January's club championship race, is this SATURDAY 7th (not Sunday 8th)

Meet at LC 12.30 to share transport to Monmouth or meet directly there, at the registration at Monmouth School's Sport Centre, near Lidl.

NB this is not the same as Monmouth Leisure Centre, it's on the same side of the river as Lidl, right at the Lidl roundabout and then first left.

Start 2pm, cost £3 on the day only.

Please add your name below if you plan to go to the LC


  1. If messrs Blore, Grant, Lawson, Harvey, Hook and Taylor would like to meet at the LC, I will arrange for a coach to pick you up. There won't be any room for your cars, so you'd best be dropped off.

  2. I'd like a lift please,to monmouth and on the uphill part!!!!Thanks xx

  3. I'll be there Grubby! Will there be a TV on the bus?

  4. I think it's £4 not £3...