Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Week Ahead 19 December 2011

A fun-packed Weaker Head is a-coming!

All the joys of Steep Street on Tuesday. In the olden days this ancient thoroughfare was the site of at least four public houses. Alas none remain, but nowadays you can get intoxicated with the pleasure of skipping up this fine gradient.

And even more fun and games on Thursday, you lucky people! Our annual Christmas Relays down at the Loop Road, Beachley.

 It’s important that everyone joins in – our teams must contain runners of all speeds to make it all work. So there’ll be Juniors, Strivers, ancient men like the Club President and Head Coach, as well as quick sleek men and fast racy women.

Prizes for best fancy dress (as judged by Life President), and for winning teams of course, and for any exceptional performances (not necessarily running!). You’ll have to be pretty boring to come away empty-handed!

Then it’s off to Wetherspoons for our Christmas drink. Hurrah!!!

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