Monday, 26 December 2011

27th Dec Treasure Hunt

The Tintern Treasure Hunt is on 27th December starting from Tintern Wireworks car park at 11:00am (from Chepstow turn left at Royal George and then 400m on right). This is how it works: You can either run individually or in pairs (or triplets if you want to). You will get a map of Tintern and the surrounding area (Scale 1:15000) and a question sheet. There are 19 questions at points marked on the map. The time limit is 90 minutes and there are penalty points if you are late back. Prizes for the best performances. Bring a pen and plastic bag for question/answer sheet if it is wet. The map is waterproof.
Free drink and food at the Abbey Mill, 5 minutes walk from car park.

(Just noticed it wasn't advertised here and wanted to spread the word.)


  1. the Welsh National is on so allow extra time to get past the racecourse...

  2. Don't forget there is another way for the peeps on the other side of Cheppers; pass woodcroft on the Coleford road to St Breivals common for the ones who know the area!! Will take you to brockweir and pass Llanddogo (on Tintern rd) if you want to avoid the traffic :)))

    Have fun everyone - finding treasure/questions :))))))

    Berra x

  3. It's me Berta (typeo error) oopsie