Monday, 28 November 2011

The Week Ahead 28 November 2011

It’s Thornwell Loop on Tuesday. We put this session on most months as it’s considered good, hard, effective training, and a valuable guide to what shape you’re in.

We’re spoilt for choice Thursday. The ‘Club 10’ (St Arvans/Devauden/Itton) is perhaps for the stronger runners.

We’re putting on a shorter run for our new slower runners group, henceforth to be known as the ‘Strivers’ (Cotswold Way Relay runners will recognise the name). Every Thursday will feature a Strivers alternative run of about 5-6 miles.

Then there’s the now perennial Thursday speed session on the Severn Bridge. It will usually be 10 X 400 metres with 200 metres jog recovery. Meet at the big layby (no parking restrictions in the evening) by Larkfield roundabout at 7.05 to jog down the Link Road to the Bridge. Or go straight to the ‘gate’ at the start of the bridge on the ‘upside’ – the side we do the 5k on.

And the fourth choice is rather special. Many Harriers will know Mark Fry of Fairwater Runners – he’s the ‘stocky’, well-nourished  one who often introduces the LCL race. Mark is moving to Scotland and there will be a farewell run (3k on the track) and celebration party at Cwmbran Stadium on Thursday at 6.45. All LCL clubs are invited, and we’re hoping for a sizable contingent from Chepstow.

Please enter your name in Comments below ASAP as Fairwater would like to know how many to cater for. I think we’ll need to leave from the LC at 6.   

Friday will be another fun evening as Sue and Gerry are putting on a Club Quiz in the LC at 7pm. Come along and make up a team. There will be a few  questions on a hill/mountain theme, but only because at a quiet moment during the evening, the winners of the Fell series will be receiving their award. Don’t let this put you off!

And finally on Sunday is the third Gwent League at Singleton Park, Swansea. This is an interesting course with lots of variety, and any Harrier would enjoy it. Women’s race at 1.40, men’s at 2.50. I wonder if 11.30 would be a good time to meet.


  1. one Lawson(or possibly 4) planning on going to the Fairwater party...

  2. I'll be going too Vanessa.

    I think Lou as well.

    I'm sure there'll be more. Sounds like a great evening.

  3. I'll be coming along Thurs :)

  4. We'll be going to the "party"

  5. Can I also mention the Caldicot Santa run saturday 10am at Caldicot Castle. 2-3 miles, 2 laps or 1 for little ones. £10 adults, free for childen. In aid of St David's Foundation.

  6. this is the fouth place where i seen Caldicot's santa run
    is anyone going for the 3k run on the track?
    aswell as the party?!
    i will be going to the 3k run and party
    and also the Caldicot santa's run

  7. Berta - I think the deal is the 3k followed by refreshments.
    So Vanessa (+ 3 maybe), Lou, Rob, Gerry, Sue, Dick.

    Any more?

  8. Hope to go Thursday, may make Caldicot Santa run Berta, though I have no costume, nor the build, nor the demeanor to make an even passable Santa. An 'in good 'elf' maybe.

  9. Nobody doing the bridge session then! And how many people allowed in team for quiz?

  10. The ‘middle of the road’ group!
    As we are not able run the club 10 and feel the need for more than the Strivers how about coming and joining us for a 7miles 'ish along the racecourse wall towards St Arvans, following the main road round past where the busses used to park and up the farm track. Through the farm turn left down to the road, left up the hill, and left again (instead of right as for the club 10) returning back towards St Arvans and the racecourse wall.