Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Week Ahead 21 November 2011

It seems like months and months since we last did Elm Road. I think that’s probably because it is months and months. Anyway it’s a good effective session with its down and up bits to increase your cadence and strength, not to mention your general running fitness.  

It seems like the best part of a year since the last AGM, and that’s probably ... Starts at 8 in the LC Bar, with a buffet available well before, but enough for all - including those who want to get their training in first and arrive red-faced at 7.59.

So training starts early at 6.30 for the Talk of the Town run, and the gun for the Severn Bridge 5k will fire at 6.45. Might be worth sharing cars down there to save time.

This year’s AGM promises to be a lot shorter than some, with just the new Club Constitution to be discussed. An important subject though, and one that all Club members should have a say about.


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