Friday, 21 October 2011

Jane, Lou and Stuart for Wales!

Congratulations to Jane Horler, Lou Summers and Stuart Penny for being selected to run for Wales in the Home Country’s Masters Cross Country in Glasgow on 20 November.

Stuart has run for Wales in previous years, as has Sue Ashton and Syd Wheeler.

This a great honour for them and the Club and we wish them well.



  1. AMAZING news, so pleased for you all!!! :)))

  2. Well done all
    Good luck for the cross country on 20th November in Glasgow :-)

  3. Hi y,all,
    Huge congrats to Lou and Jane all the hard work has been rewarded.
    Also well done Stuart for getting right back up there, we just need to get Nicky Morgan in the same team as the 2 girls, that would really be great for your club.

    all the best Phil and Jac Miles