Friday, 14 October 2011

Chepstow Cycle Group News

There is no organised ride this coming Sunday. I have suggested a set meeting time of 8.30 for the regulars starting this week. I'm not around this Sunday so can't give any guarantee about the pace or distance.

Will plan some more rides over the weekend for the end of Oct/beginning of Nov and will let you have details of these as soon as I have them

October - December is traditionally the close season for cycling and rides tend to be steadier and lower in distance especially this side of December with the emphasis on social/group riding. I will reflect this in the rides that I set up but will include some longer ones from time to time. Distance then builds gradually from December onwards in preparation of the start of a new season towards the begining of March.

Happy for anyone to contact me if they need some more details.

Paul James

01291 629688

07899 788 531


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